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About us

Imagine: a deer raising its head as it surveys its surroundings, a light breeze rustling through the leaves of an otherwise quiet forest. This was the inspiration for our venture, to help our customers create their own peaceful sanctuaries away from the noise of modern living. 

Whisper Living aims to produce products that connect with people. We hope that our spirit, which we imbue in our products, shines through your own personalities as you choose the furnishings of your living spaces; turning them into homes. We're so pleased with our handmade cushions as a debut product because a cushion can really brighten up a home or; as a present, give a hug from afar.

Whisper Living is the brain child of Lyric, a former fashion design student, who also worked for a company mass producing goods. Whilst she developed a love for soft furnishing, decor and appliances there, the long hours and mass production made it difficult for Lyric to find her 'quiet place'. A love for travel and adventure meant she'd always look for opportunities to leave it all behind and recharge. However, in the end, she realised that it was at home where we can create this peace and serenity. 

Whisper Living aspires to bring the following:

  1. A quietness that speaks of its confidence through its quality and design. 
  2. A sense of nostalgia and comfort, a pride in its heritage.
  3. A commitment to sustaining our little blue planet.

Welcome, to Whisper Living.   


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